Long Distance Charter

Schedule your Kansas City charter service online!

Charter services from Kansas City:

KCI Chauffeur is happy to provide long distance Kansas City charter or
long distance taxi service to St Louis, Nebraska, Kansas, OKC and further!

Long distance Kansas City charter service:
Sedan / SUV $130 Per Hour

If a sedan is unavailable an SUV is provided at no additional charge:

Daily Driver Out of Town $1000
(Includes hotels and food prices vary on weekends)

25% Nonrefundable deposit All Trips
5 Days Notice Needed for 75% Refund

(Card hold until completion of driver duty wait time per hour after 15 minute grace period.)
(Surcharges of $30 each possible with SUV on more than four passengers)

Payment on longer trips must be made in advance or by credit card hold.

Regular clients who keep payment info at our office may simply text their pickup / drop off info, and flight numbers.  Our regulars will receive confirmation response within an hour of texting.