Hourly Car Service


Charter, Park and Wait, interstate long distance
black car or taxi.

$70 per hour with a two hour minimum booking reserve.

Sur-charges on SUV with more than four passengers.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance for full reimbursement.

Total Control

With KCI Chauffeur you can reserve your fully Reviewed Kansas City Car Service in comfort and style by the hour.
Our hourly chauffeur and black car services put you in control.
This allows you to direct your driver across Kansas City and surrounding areas to wherever you need to go.
Furthermore, KCI Chauffeur specializes in Black Car Service for Event and Business Travel.

Most taxi service is at best a delivery to one place and no return booked.
However, our hourly drivers will take you to your event, meeting, dinner, date, or night on the town.
Afterwards, your Kansas City Chauffeur will be ready and waiting for your return.

Freedom of Movement

Most important, hourly car service gives you the freedom to modify your schedule.
This service is offered during the course of your outing, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Whether your car service needs to handle your business in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, St. Louis or beyond, KCI Chauffeur is committed to offering the most flexible possible transportation.
Hourly Park and Wait Black Car Service from KCI Chauffeur is tailored to your personal schedule requirements.