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Schedule your private car service or taxi for Kansas City Airport by
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by texting our server, or call our office at (816) 659-3787.

Average $55 Minimum
$2.00 per mile
$60 per hr before grat.

Schedule by Email

Simple PU: Multiple PU:

When text Scheduling be sure to include:

  • Client name:
  • Client cell number:
  • Date of Pickup:
  • Time of pickup:
  • Address of pickup or flight number:
  • Address of drop off or flight number:
  • Email Address if paying by invoice:

    Payment: on short trips may be made by cash, credit card by phone, or email invoice.

    Regular clients who keep payment info at our office may simply text
  •  pickup / drop off info
  • and flight numbers. 
  • Regular clients will receive confirmation response within an hour of texting.



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